Writer: Paul Schattel and Patrick Green
Director: Paul Schattel (Alison, Sinkhole)

Producers: René Bestian, Linda Moran, Gregor Wilson, Stephen Corbin
Genre: Supernatural Horror
Cast: Wentworth Miller, Dermot Mulroney, Melissa Leo, Diane Ladd

In 1920s Appalachia, a newly widowed bootlegger named Miller enlists the services of a traveling mourning portrait photographer. Grief turns to terror when the mysterious visitor unveils his unearthly powers and Miller’s young daughter disappears.

In the woods of North Carolina c. 1920 a mysterious traveler rides into a small town advertising his services as a photographer of the dead. He immortalizes the recently deceased wife of a local bootlegger named Miller, but the locals grow suspicious of the photographer's macabre demeanor and other-worldly life force. Their fears of his twisted motives are exacerbated when, hours later, Miller's daughter disappears.